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Makes small miracles possible for people living in the world’s poorest communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America

It focuses on Sustainable Development, Emergency Relief, Education and Advocacy


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MRDF re launched as ALL WE CAN

On Tuesday 8 April 2014 the Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF) announced an ambitious set of plans for the future, including a new name to reflect its commitment to tackle poverty. From that date it will be known as ALL WE CAN , the Methodist relief and development partner. The charity’s new strategy and strengthened identity are the result of a wide-ranging strategic review, carried out over the last year, involving supporters, staff, volunteers and overseas partners.

Maurice Adams, Chief Executive of ALL WE CAN , says: “Over the years ALL WE CAN , under various names, has provided support and resources to many millions of people in great need. Our vision for the next chapter in the story of Methodist relief and development work seeks to build upon our strengths and heritage. This change has been inspired by our past so that we can continue the work for the future”.

“We believe that our collaborative approach to tackling poverty, rooted in Christian principles and Methodist values, is more relevant than ever.  We have refocused our work to better support our partners – including churches, organisations and individuals – to bring about lasting change in their communities.  Our new identity reflects the renewal of our commitment to work in partnership and to do all we can for those who need us most.”

New Identity

For its new name, the charity has taken inspiration from words attributed to John Wesley, the founder of Methodism:

Maurice Adams explains: “As part of our strategic review, we considered the organisation’s identity and the way we present ourselves.  We had recognised for some time that the name we adopted nearly 30 years ago no longer accurately reflected the work we do – having been much more than simply a fund for many years – and that it was not helping us in the challenging tasks of raising our profile and increasing support.  Our new name and strengthened identity reflects our future role and vision, as well as our Methodist roots and heritage".

Increasing Impact

 ALL WE CAN will continue to provide long term development support and emergency relief and undertake advocacy and education on issues of social justice.  As part of the charity’s plans to increase its impact in the future, it also launched a new initiative to help churches and faith-based organisations in poor communities to effectively meet the needs of their neighbours.

Going Where the Need is Greatest

 ALL WE CAN has always been committed to reaching the most marginalised people where the need is greatest, and will continue to focus on communities which are often overlooked and underserved by larger agencies.

Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Britain, said: “John Wesley famously said ‘Go not only to those that need you, but to those that need you most.’ One of the important things about ALL WE CAN through its history has been the focus upon people truly on the margins. Methodists have great resonance with that idea that you listen to people who no one else seems to care about and yet make enormous differences to their lives.”

Do All You Can

British Methodism has always had a strong commitment to social justice and practical compassion, and

 ALL WE CAN continues to reflect those values. The charity is using the launch of ALL WE CAN to invite Methodists to renew their commitment to doing all they can to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and speak out against injustice. Tim Baker, a volunteer coordinator for ALL WE CAN in the Thames Valley Circuit, said: “ ALL WE CAN is about doing all that I can, all that we can, all that the people involved in the charity and in Methodism can do to bring about a better, safer, less broken world.”