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Branching Out In Praise

Branching Out In Praise


Our monthly, First Sunday, Evening Service

7.00 to 8.00 p.m. - Hospitality at 6.30 p.m.

Each Branching Out In Praise Service has a Theme


To GET INVOLVED please contact


Anna Sheasby Thomas annasheasby@yahoo.co.uk

if you would like to CONTRIBUTE ideas, readings, poems, pictures, or just to take part in the way each service shapes up

We are particularly looking for Bible readings which speak to you and to our theme

Please get involved - even if you don't want to stand up at the front, YOUR IDEAS and PRAYERS are what is making this new worship real and exciting

To get involved with MUSIC, contact Chris Clark chris@cheesethemonkey.co.uk, or Kathryn Fitzsimons cofepriest@oakwoodchurch.info

To get involved with preparing slides and VISUALS, contact James Sheasby Thomas james@sheasbythomas.co.uk

To get involved with HOSPITALITY, contact Pete Oldfield pplb.oldfield@ntlworld.com

Branching Out In Prayer often features on our Oakwood Church facebook page


George Bailey


0113 266 2066



Flyer [PDF] Calendar

Last updated 8 January 2018



6 November 2016

Fruits of the Spirit 1

4 December 2016

Fruits of the Spirit 2

1 January 2017

No evening Service

5 February 2017

Fruits of the Spirit 3

5 March 2017

Lenten Prayer - forgiveness and John 8:1-11

2 April 2017

Passion Sunday - thinking about The Cross

7 May 2017

Resurrection and 'The Road to Emmaus', Luke 24

4 June 2017

2 July 2017

6 August

No evening Service

3 September

No evening Service

1 October 2017

5 November 2017

3 December 2017

7 January 2018

No evening Service

4 February 2018

4 March 2018

1 April

No evening Service

6 May 2018

3 June 2018

1 July 2018