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Churches Together

Churches Together in

Gipton and Oakwood (CTGO)

Churches Together in Gipton had for some years been a united forum for Christian worship and mission around the Gipton area. Three main churches were involved: Epiphany Church of England; St Nicholas’ Roman Catholic Church; and Gipton Methodist Church, as well as individual members from various other churches

They developed a rich programme of united services, united lunches in Advent and Lent, ‘gatherings’ for thinking about our faith, and other occasional meetings and projects

Just a mile up the road, the Oakwood area also had a rich ecumenical life and history. For many years, Roundhay St John Church of England and Roundhay Methodist Church worked together to serve the local community. In 2013 these two churches became one congregation known as Oakwood Church. During the first year of the new church’s life much work was done to develop its identity and mission. Part of this is the desire to work with other Christians in the locality. It is important that as Christians we enjoy the blessings of sharing with other sisters and brothers in the wider body of Christ

As a result of conversations between Oakwood Church and Churches Together in Gipton, the decision, involving all the member churches and the Churches Together committee, was taken in April 2015 to form this new grouping

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Church of the Epiphany at Gipton

St Nicholas’ Roman Catholic Church

Gipton Methodist Church

Oakwood Church

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