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Community Groups

Community Groups

We are pleased to share our Oakwood Church building with our diverse local community, and bring people together here from a wide range of cultures and beliefs

Our commercial, charitable, community and private event guests contribute towards the costs of operating our large modern building. We could not afford it without them


Though our Calendar is maintained as accurately as possible it may not reflect late changes of timing or venue, or postponement, or cancellation

If there is any possibility of doubt or inconvenience, before travelling please contact the event owner for confirmation

Responsible behaviour

Please be aware that the commercial, community and charitable groups whose names appear in this section are not sponsored by Oakwood Church

We wouldn’t have them here if we didn’t think they were good, kind, safe, responsible people but we do not necessarily endorse everything they may say or do

If you have any concerns or think something inappropriate may be happening please contact our Office without delay

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Office at Oakwood Church


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