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David Donaldson

David Donaldson

Community Team Chair

Website Editor

Assistant Scout Leader

Art Group Contact

Sharon and I married in 1972. We have lived at Oakwood since 1976,when my last employer offered me a promotion requiring a move to Leeds. We are both retired, have four adult children, ten grand-children and are ‘next of kin’ for my elderly infirm sister in a distant Care Home. Family and friendships are very important to us

I love diversity and believe strongly in the principles that underpin Christian, and most other religious faiths, which I often sum up as ‘being kind to ourselves and kind to others’ 1 Corinthians 13


All four of our children enjoyed, and their personal social development benefited greatly, from Scouting and Guiding at Oakwood Church. Our elder and younger daughters and our younger son all progressed to Leadership roles before there own families (and demanding careers/enterprises) absorbed most of their free time

Since 2001, when I chose to retire, I have tried to follow their example. As Cub and then Scout Leader I learned a vast range of new people skills - quite unlike those I had successfully deployed in my 30 year career as a car mechanic, hotelier, Management Accountant, business manager, processes and systems engineer, and project manager.

I wish I knew back then what I know now about herding cats and catching soot in a net!

In Scouting I was positively encouraged to go out and have fun, create and participate in adventures and experiences which help expand young people’s minds, and challenge them to build their social skills, confidence and self-esteem


As well as enjoying helping to produce social and charitable events, I love the Art group, Walking group, Scottish Dancing and the Mens Meeting where I feel blessed with the company of many good friends and kind neighbours

Joining in’ helps us enjoy being creative, improves our fitness, expands our knowledge, enhances our wellbeing and the overall quality of our married life. It allows us to contribute to our local community and we feel valued by it. Being part of the Oakwood Church family has brought an immense amount of purpose, warmth and laughter to our lives

In 2013 I was invited to Chair the Community Team at Oakwood Church, which is an honour

Our Digital World

In 2010 it dawned on me me that while most of us have learned to enjoy and exploit the benefits of our digital world, many of us didn’t grow up with it and some remain baffled, frustrated and even angered by it

From 2011 to 2017 Oakwood Church supported me to host a monthly open meetings (between October and Easter each year) where people of all ages could bring their questions and concerns. We tried to help one another get to grips with those digital technologies that make a real difference to our lives; or learn enough about them to feel comfortable safely ignoring those which need not impact us. The installation of Free WiFi at the Church in January 2015 greatly assisted us

Oakwood Church Website

In 2013 I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning new technical skills and trying to create something unique. The project team wanted every page to be concise, consistent in look and feel, uncluttered, information rich, owned by somebody. The site aimed to be easy to maintain, colourfully attractive, intuitive to navigate, and use plain language and relatively large text so that it can be enjoyed on any device by almost anyone, regardless of age or ability. Our philosophy has been ‘simplest is best’

After 7 years of gradual evolution it is well used but needs updating to a modern look and current software technology using WordPress Is there anyone out there willing and able to help ?

Other interests

I volunteer at Leeds Mind where I facilitate Peer Support Groups and help write and facilitate Courses and Workshops that help people learn to understand and better manage their mental health

I was elected 2020-21 President of Roundhay Probus Club which meets at the Parochial Hall and appeals to retired or semi-retired men who enjoy talks and social opportunities including crown green bowling, snooker, twice annual lunches and occasional outings

Sharon and I enjoy researching family and local History and in 2015 we helped create the Walk Around the Clock and Time Will Tell ‘Heritage’ aspects of the Oakwood Clock Restoration project

I know almost nothing about ball sports but have followed F1 since 1958. I find compelling fascination in its combination of science, engineering, commercial enterprise, collaborative teamwork and individual contribution

Finally, we enjoy taking time out for walking, gardening, DIY, long caravan touring holidays in the UK and Europe, and adventurous international travel.

If only there were more hours in each day and days in a year…

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