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Eco Tips for everyone

At the Oakwood Church AGM in April 2018

it was agreed that work should proceed to develop an

Environmental Policy for Oakwood Church Here

In March 2019 we agreed our Policy

In April 2020 Oakwood Church won a

UK A ROCHA Eco Church Silver Award

We are going for Gold

How can I help?

Everyone at Oakwood Church and in our local community can help everyone else by

Doing All You Can to help the Environment

at Church, at home, at work, at leisure

 and when travelling

Please share your own Eco Tips with us

and we may publish them on this page

Note Oakwood Church does not endorse any of the ideas, opinions or products mentioned on this page, but we wouldn’t publish if we doubted they were useful

Eco Tips for everyone

Environmental Policy


Al Fraser - Environmental Steward


0113 240 9116



Environmental Policy

Your Eco Tips

Interactive Personalised

Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet Here

Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet Poster Here

“Nothing tastes as good and costs fewer food miles than fruit and vegetable you grow yourself”

Signpost by David Donaldson

Source: Anglia Home Improvements Here


Actions for Wildlife Here

“Simple things you can do to help wildlife”

Signpost by David Donaldson

Source: Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Here


Less Plastic More Fantastic

Presentation July 2019 Here

“Anyone can become a Single-Use Plastic Champion - all that is required is a desire to see single-use plastics eliminated from the workplace”

Signpost by Al Fraser

Source: Civil Service Local - Blog Here

Recycling Project

We are gathering items for recycling that cannot go into Leeds City Council’s Green Bins. Please put the following into the special Recycling Project bin which is outside the Church Hall at the far end of the car park.

 Foil crisp packets

 Dental care plastic e.g. plastic packaging, toothbrushes, empty floss containers

 Biscuit and cracker packaging

 Bread loaf plastic bags (not waxed paper)

 Chocolate wrappers and outside packaging from multi-packs

 Pringle tubes

 Writing implements e.g. pens, markers

 Pet food pouches and larger bags with plastic packaging

 Medicine/tablet empty blister packs

No need to sort – just put them all in.

Please do clean things out first, and leave items in a bag when you put them in the bin.

Note We are no longer taking Type 2 and Type 4 plastic as this can go into LCC’s Green Bins

Please contact Pete Oldfield if you would be interested in helping with the Recycling Project