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Embody Pilates

Embody Pilates at Oakwood Church

For posture, core-strength and flexibility

A class can be a great place to practise and learn with others. It’s always friendly and social and classes are kept small so you can get the attention you deserve and feel safe in your practice



Mixed Ability Pilates

Monday 09.00 to 10.00

Experienced Pilates

Wednesday 09.30 to 10.30

Gentle/Beginners Pilates

Wednesday 10.45 to 11.45


Large Upstairs Room at Oakwood Church

Free parking


Embody Pilates Connects

For the foreseeable future, all Embody Pilates lessons are online via Zoom

Five classes are available to book each week and all are suitable for every level

All bookings go through www.bookwhen.com/embodypilates

If you purchase a Class Pass it will not expire before the end of 2020

If you have any questions, please call me



Once accepted into a class, sessions can be booked online at www.bookwhen.com/embodypilates

Each session costs £9

Alternatively a 5 Class Pass costs £42.50 to use within 42 days; or a 10 Class Pass costs £80 to be used within 84 Days.

Class Passes can be used to book sessions for Embody Pilates classes at Oakwood Church and elsewhere


Louise Lowery


0739 997 2093








Embody Pilates Leeds





About me

EMBODY PILATES is about personal stability and commitment following a lifetime of constant movement - travelling the World, moving from city to city, beach to mountains, land to sea

One of the only things that stayed solid for over 15 years was my practice of Pilates wherever I was in the World

Now, Pilates has brought about a rooted stillness to my life where I consciously think about how I move, sit and stand. Finally, I feel in control of my body and my life. That's something we're all searching for surely?

I'm passionate about good posture and know how debilitating back and shoulder pain can be. Developing core strength and flexibility is the key to happier spine and a pain free you!

One session can help you relax, feel more focused and begin to help you connect with your body, and we like to see what it CAN do rather than what it cannot

Louise Lowery

Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit…

…in ten sessions you'll feel the difference, in twenty sessions you'll see the difference, in thirty sessions you'll have a whole new body”

Joseph Pilates

Full Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions are published at www.embody-pilates.co.uk

Equipment and clothing

All equipment is provided but please feel free to bring your own mat if you have one you prefer

Wear comfortable clothes in removable layers