Farmers’ Market

Interviews by Tracy Craggs

Interview Timelog [PDF]

Margaret Latimer.mp3Margaret Latimer

Mr and Mrs Smith.mp3Mr and Mrs (Doreen) Smith

Jeanette Munton.mp3Jeanette Munton

Enyd and Stuart.mp3Enyd and Stuart

Ken and Sandra.mp3Ken and Sandra

Fergus and mum Antonia.mp3Fergus and his mum (Antonia)



Peter and Audrey.mp3Peter and Audrey

Alan, Marianne, Maggie and Martin.mp3Alan, Marianne, Maggie and MartinHilary.mp3Hilary


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Farmers’ Market

Interviews by Edna Murray

Interview Timelog [PDF]

Joyce White.mp3Joyce White

Garth White.mp3Garth White

Peter Sandeman.mp3Peter Sandeman

Peter Mills.mp3Peter Mills

Keith Ternant.mp3Keith Ternant


Phil Cook.mp3Phil Cook