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Flowers Team

Flowers embody man’s hope of everlasting peace. Their delicate beauty and fragrance shut out doubts and darkness, and symbolise the love we feel for those we hold dear

We are fortunate to enjoy fresh blooms in our church almost every week of the year

Individual members of the congregation, families and groups donate money for flowers to celebrate an anniversary, or event, or to remember a loved one

Some donors choose to buy and arrange their own flowers. Others prefer to ask our small Flowers Team to do so on their behalf

Distributing the blooms is an important part of our outreach work at Oakwood Church. Following morning services, flowers are taken to those on our prayer list, and to members of the congregation who are no longer able to get to church services. If there is someone you would nominate to receive flowers after our Sunday morning service please contact Shanthi Richardson so that suitable ‘bundles’ can be prepared and distributed

We maintain a week by week calendar [below] for flower donations, which incorporates the Flowers Team arrangement and distribution rota

If you are would like to consider donating please

Flowers Team

Flower arranging

If you are interested in arranging flowers (we have a small dedicated room to work in) please volunteer to join the Flowers Team


If you are donating, or considering donating, flowers and need any assistance with buying or arranging the blooms, please contact Anne Kirkland

Flowers Rota [PDF]


Shanthi Richardson


0113 293 5702