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Oakwood History

Oakwood History

The 200 year history of Oakwood Church is inseparable from the history of Oakwood, Roundhay and Leeds

Those who made their homes here at Oakwood were not just responsible for the development of church life as we know it and our church buildings but much of the physical and emotional development of our community

World events certainly shaped Oakwood but some of the people who lived here, and events that took place here, shaped our country and the world as we know it

In these pages we celebrate our past to help us understand the strong foundations that underpin our everyday lives our values and our future

If, like me, you are one of those who has a natural curiosity to know who those people were, and why they did what they did, or why our roads go where they go, or why that building or space exists, we hope you will find these pages a valuable and entertaining resource

If you would like to contribute articles, memories or materials to our History pages please contact me

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