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Oakwood History

Oakwood History


On 14 November 2013 the Churches of Roundhay Methodist and Roundhay St John formed an Ecumenical Partnership, taking the name Oakwood Church. On 1 December 2013 we enjoyed our first unified service.

Our two churches had co-operated for many years and in 1998 we entered into a formal covenant to work together. In 2006 we began to share the modern Roundhay Methodist Church building at Springwood Road, which opened in 1986.

We don’t know exactly when Methodism first started in the Township of Roundhay, but well before 1815 people were meeting in the upstairs room of a cottage on Chapel Lane - now called Chapel Cottage on North Lane.

Roundhay St John’s original church building on Wetherby Road was consecrated in January 1826 and the first regular service was held there on 12 March 1826. A school and alms houses were built next to the Church and opened in 1837.

In November 2007 the last public service was held at Roundhay St John's and responsibility for the building was passed to the Church Commissioners.

Oakwood and Roundhay

The 200 year history of Oakwood Church is inseparable from the history of Oakwood, Roundhay and Leeds.

Those who made their homes here at Oakwood were not just responsible for the development of church life as we know it and the church buildings but much of the physical and emotional development of Oakwood’s community.

World events certainly shaped Oakwood. Some of the people who lived here, and the events that took place here, shaped our country and the world as we know it.

In these pages we celebrate the past to help us understand the strong foundations that underpin our everyday lives, our shared values and future.

If, like me, you are one of those who has a natural curiosity to know who those people were, why they did what they did, why our roads go where they go, or why that building or space exists, we hope you will enjoy browsing these History pages and they prove a valuable and entertaining resource.

If you would like to contribute articles, memories or materials to our History pages please get in touch with me.

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