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Leeds Mind


MindWell is the NHS funded, single 'go to' place for information about mental health in Leeds. It provides a portal for anyone living or working in Leeds, including GPs and other professionals, to get quick, easy and direct access to up-to-date mental health information, including:

Leeds Community Healthcare IAPT

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies service will help you discover what mental health services are available within, or funded by, the NHS. You can refer yourself online but if you feel unable to complete an online assessment or need some support simply call 0113 843 4388

Leeds Mind Peer Support

Leeds Mind Peer Support, to which you must refer yourself, is headquartered at Clarence House, Horsforth but offers a wide range of Peer led group work courses, one day workshops and regular support groups at various locations in Leeds. It has conducted some of these at Oakwood Church. Their programme may include:

Introduction to group work (IGW) One 2 hr session

Experience Peer led group work and discover if our approach to learning from others with similar feelings and experiences is a good choice for you at this time

Courses Usually 2½ hour sessions over consecutive weeks e.g.

Managing my mental health - 6 sessions

Assertiveness skills - 6 sessions

Building self esteem - 6 sessions

Mindfulness and meditation - 5 sessions

Anger - 4 sessions

Self compassion - 4 sessions

Workshops Usually one 4 hour session (including a 30 minute refreshment break) e.g.

Managing depression

Managing anxiety

Setting boundaries

Building resilience

Emotional eating

Managing loss

Managing self harm

Attendance is usually free but Leeds Mind is a charity so if you can afford a donation it will always be welcomed. To find out more and book a place please


Leeds Mind Peer Support


0113 305 5803




Leeds Mind Peer Support