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The building housing Leeds City Council’s Oakwood Library was

once a private home with a coach house, stables and hay loft (which were once let to a joiner) that are now used as a private garage

In 1898 it was a private house owned by Benjamin Robinson who was connected with the well known Leeds jeweller, Owen Robinson.

Over the years the house was owned by several families including a Commercial Traveller, a Draper and an Engineer before it was sold by executors to Leeds Corporation for £4000 and opened as a Branch Library in 1953

Part of the building was used as a Police Station until 1961 when the Library was extended into the house next door

In 1986 construction of a ramp made the building much more accessible

In 1999 the library was refurnished and two computers with Internet connection were provided for Library users




Oak Leaves ODHS

Part Five - Christmas 2004

A Brief History of Oakwood Library

by Barbara Worthington



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