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Oakwood Church ‘sponsors’ social activities for Young People and about Parenting; also a wide range of social Church Groups which mainly attract adults, though some are enjoyed by families

All must apply our Safeguarding Policy and Code of Practice

Community Groups are operated by individuals and (non-political) organisations that Room Hire for their regular meetings or one-off events

All are required to sign up to our Terms and Conditions of use and to be aware of our Safeguarding Policy  

Young People Church Groups Community Groups

Safeguarding Policy and Code of Practice

Everyone involved with young people and vulnerable adults at Oakwood Church must comply with our Safeguarding Policy and Code of Practice

In practice, because some adults have vulnerabilities that may not be visible to an observer, and because individuals are under no obligation to disclose their vulnerabilities, our Policy applies to everyone and everything we do

Oakwood Church cannot be directly responsible for governing the behaviour of those whom we allow to use our building for commercial, charitable, community or social activities but requires everyone involved in such activities at Oakwood Church to be aware of the principles set out in this document

Our Safeguarding Policy and Code of Practice is reviewed annually

Please, immediately flag any concerns and address any enquiries to the Church Safeguarding Adults Representative and Church Safeguarding Children Coordinator

Safeguarding Policy - December 2017 [PDF]


Anne Kirkland


0113 294 7249



Everyone is welcome at Oakwood Church

Please join in and enjoy living Life to the full