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In September 2013 we invited everyone in the wider church community, regardless of age, to join in and attempt to design a new logo for use on our new Church Sign, this Web Site, The Broadcast, Notices and Posters, PowerPoint presentations, Orders of Service, Letterheads, Name Badges, Compliments Slips, etc

We were looking for inspired ideas, not perfectly finished art work – so that anyone with a blunt pencil or a box of coloured crayons could have a go on an equal footing with the artists in our church community

We had a magnificent response and received more than 50 proposals – from six year olds right through to those who are so old they no longer have to pay for their TV Licence _ _

A group of three ordinary members of the church community – aged about 20, 40 and 60 – were invited to represent every-woman and every-man. Together they reviewed all of the proposals for visual and emotional impact, not artistic ability. They also identified from every entry the themes that were being expressed

By far the most frequently occurring themes were

A diverse band of happy people holding hands, looking outward

The cross

The Methodist and Church of England symbols

Oak leaves - maturity, constant renewal, Oakwood

Acorns - DNA, growth, future promise

The group decided that elements from several different designs should be combined and visually simplified. They produced a rough sketch

They also agreed that to fit all the different applications we needed a simple logo with some separate words that could be used independently or combined in different configurations

These ideas were then visualised by our own in-house professional artist Barry Claughton, approved by both the Church of England Parochial Church Council and by the Methodist Church Council, then realised by a professional graphic designer

Graphic Design

We are truly grateful to TamiBrown Graphic Design for producing the images you now see all over Oakwood Church and our communications

Contact     Tami Brown

Tel. 0770 3105192

Email         studio@tamibrown.com

Website     www.tamibrown.com

Logos Final - Zipped

Who may use the logo

The Oakwood Church logo may be used only by those empowered to communicate on behalf of Oakwood Church, and by our Spiritual and Church Life groups which are sponsored by Oakwood Church

Any other proposed use must first be authorised by

Contact     Linda Holden

Tel. 0113 293 1602

Email         linda.holden90@ntlworld.com

House style

We are aiming to establish a simple house style so that it appears as if Oakwood Church communications emanate from a single source

Authors, please use [this] Verdana 12 pt font in communications carrying the Oakwood Church logo, except when you have good reason to choose a different font or size

Thank you


Here are some downloadable documents bearing the Oakwood Church logo

They may be used only by those empowered to communicate on behalf of Oakwood Church; and by our Spiritual and Church Life groups which are sponsored by Oakwood Church

The text in some of these documents may be edited but please don’t adjust their layout without good reason

They are published as PDF or Word 2007.docx files. If you have any trouble opening them using the software on your device, you may find solutions signposted at

Our Digital World group Letterhead - Word 2007.docx Notice - Word 2007.docx Compliments Slip - Word 2007.docx Name Badge - Word 2007.docx Photo Calendar 2015 Blank - Word.docx Card A4 Folds A6.docx Card A4 Folds A5.docx Oakwood Church Photo Calendar 2015 - Word 2007.docx