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Coronavirus - all our News Here

News and Events

News and Events

Our Communications Team is directed on behalf of the Leadership Team by Methodist Minister George Bailey and Anglican Vicar Kathryn Fitzsimons

Our Calendar and What’s On pages  are maintained by our Church Administrator who is also Editor of our magazine THE BROADCAST and maintains our Church Notice-Boards. (To arrange for a Notice to be posted on our Notice-Boards please follow the procedure on our What’s On page)

Our facebook page Editors are Fran Bailey and Kim Wood

Our Twitter page Editors are Fran Bailey and Kathryn Fitzsimons

To post Volunteering opportunities please contact our Website Editors

Our Website Editors are David Donaldson and James Sheasby Thomas

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Subscribe to Oakwood Church Email Alerts   [http://eepurl.com/gXryCj]

Our Email Alerts system is powered by Mailchimp, administered by our Church Administrator and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

Subscribing will enable Oakwood Church to alert you by email to urgent news, and other information about our services, events and activities. Keeping you informed is particularly important during the present Coronavirus emergency

We will not use the information you provide for any purpose other than communications from Oakwood Church

If you experience any difficulty using our email alerts system, please email subscribe@oakwoodchurch.info or call our Church Administrator on Mobile 0730 517 0979

Why Zoom

During the Coronavirus emergency, with many of the wider church community socially isolated in their homes or unable to meet others in person, Oakwood Church adopted Zoom as one means of staying in touch

Oakwood Church does not endorse Zoom. Many other excellent online video services are available

Please use whatever means you have available to maintain frequent contact with family, friends and anyone you think might be isolated or in need. Please read and keep in mind our Safeguarding Policy and Code of Practice. Respect that everyone can choose who they want to communicate with, and how and when they prefer to

Oakwood Church uses Zoom alongside other means of communication for Pastoral Care, Acts of Worship, Church Governance, etc.

Some Church Groups and some of our groups for Young People are using Zoom to maintain contact  

Some of the Community Groups who usually meet at Oakwood Church are using Zoom to maintain contact

Prepare to Zoom

Zoom is described as an ‘Enterprise Class Video Meetings Service’ used worldwide by many individuals, companies both large and small, and not-for-profit organisations. On 27 March 2020, BBC News pictured the UK Prime Minister using Zoom to meet with cabinet colleagues while he was self-isolating, having tested positive for Coronavirus

You don’t need a Zoom Account to join a Zoom Meeting

And if you don’t have a suitable Internet connected device, then you can

Dial-in to a Zoom Meeting (voice only) from any telephone

A Zoom Meeting Invitation, communicated by its Host, usually includes:

A clickable Zoom Meeting URL such as https://zoom.us/test; and

An identifier called a Meeting ID

[If a Password is required it will be communicated to you by the Host]

You can quickly and easily Join a Zoom Meeting by:

Clicking the direct Zoom Meeting URL; or

Typing the Meeting ID and Password into an App; or

Clicking https://zoom.us/join and typing the Meeting ID and Password when prompted   

Most Personal Computers running Windows, Apple Mac, Chrome and Linux Operating Systems (OS):

A web-browser client called  Zoom Client for Meetings will automatically download and install when you start or join your first Zoom meeting.

The web-browser client is also available for manual download at https://zoom.us/download

Most Smart phone or Tablet devices. Please download and install the appropriate App:

For Android the Google Play App is called Zoom Cloud Meetings https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings

For iPhone and iPad the Apple App is called Zoom Cloud Meetings https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id546505307

If you don’t have a suitable Internet connected device, or can’t get Zoom working on-line, you can:

Dial-in (Voice only) to any of these Zoom numbers. If one of them isn’t available, try another

When Zoom answers, it will ask you to use the telephone key pad and enter the Meeting ID and Password

Calls to Zoom’s Dial-in numbers will incur ordinary call charges but we understand these numbers are usually included in Mobile and Land-line free call allowances. If in doubt, check with your network provider

Zoom Hints and Tips

There are very helpful Methodist produced online guides and videos Here

Zoom your family, friends and colleagues

Anyone can sign up for a FREE Basic Zoom account at https://zoom.us/pricing

With a FREE Basic Zoom Personal Meeting account you will be able to Host unlimited-duration (maximum 24 hours) high quality 1:1 Zoom Meetings. You will also be able to Host Zoom meetings connecting up to 100 participating devices - but the duration of those meetings will be time-limited by Zoom to 40 minutes

A monthly paid Zoom Pro account enables you to Host unlimited-duration (maximum 24 hours) online 1:1 Zoom Meetings, as well as unlimited-duration Zoom Meetings connecting up to 100 participating devices

Oakwood Church does not endorse Zoom

Many other excellent online video meeting services are available

Oakwood Church Zoom Meetings

You don’t need a Zoom Account to join a Zoom Meeting

Unless the Zoom Meeting invitation from your Host says differently, Oakwood Church’s usual

Zoom Meeting URL (clickable link) is https://zoom.us/j/7247666207 and Meeting ID 724 766 6207

Following security changes implemented by Zoom on 5 April 2020, some people joining one of our Zoom Meetings may have to input a Password communicated to them by the Zoom Meeting Host

 If you haven’t been given our usual Password to Oakwood Church Zoom Meetings

 please call George Bailey Tel. 0113 266 2066 or email oakwoodchurch@oakwoodchurch.info  

Once you have entered the Password to a Zoom Meeting you may be placed in a Waiting Room

until the Host identifies and admits you to the Meeting


Everyone may be arriving at once so please do mind if it takes a little time to identify and admit you

0131 460 1196

0203 481 5237

0203 481 5240

0208 080 6591

0208 080 6592

0330 088 5830

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