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In 1865 Henry Hudson, Senior Partner in a firm of woollen manufacturers Hudson, Sykes and Bousfield bought the mansion previously known as Wood End and renamed it Oakwood House

This mansion is currently known as Sabourn Court though the name Oakwood House can still be discovered on its old entrance gates in Oakwood Lane (which was formerly known as Horseshoe Lane)

In 1889 Leeds Corporation built a tram track from Sheepscar to the impressive new entrance lodge at Roundhay Park by the junction of Princes Avenue and Park Avenue

The trams conveniently served owners of the new homes recently built in Springwood Road, Ladywood Road and on Wetherby Road. This area, collectively known as ‘Ladywood’, was part of Architect George Corson’s original plan for laying out Roundhay Park and helping Leeds Corporation to recuperate it’s cost by selling building plots

When Henry Hudson died in 1891 his heirs put much of the Oakwood House grounds up for sale as the ‘Oakwood Building Estate’. This included the land now occupied by Oakwood Parade of shops on Roundhay Road, Oakwood Avenue, Oakwood Drive, Oakwood Mount, Oakwood Boundary Road and the west side of Oakwood Lane between Oakwood House and Oakwood Clock

It was about that time that the local area around the tram terminus became known as Oakwood




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Part Two - Autumn 2001

Oakwood: The Nineteenth Century Suburb of Roundhay

by Geoff Hall


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