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Oakwood Church does not recommend or endorse any commercial product

Our Digital World

Get Adobe PDF Reader

23 February 2011

Digital TV

23 March 2011

Digital Cameras

27 April 2011

Mobile Phones

25 May 2011

Email - Demonstration

22 June 2011

Video Editing - Demonstration

28 September 2011

Social Networking

26 October 2011

Online Security

23 November 2011

Internet Phone and Video

25 January 2012

Still-Photos: Part 1

29 February 2012

Still-Photos: Part 2

28 March 2012


24 October 2012

Windows 8

28 November 2012

Backing Up

23 January 2013

The Cloud

27 February 2013

Frustrated by Word or PowerPoint

27 March 2013

How to buy and sell on-line

25 September 2013

Files, Folders and Searching

23 October 2013

Bring your own

27 November 2013


22 January 2014

Making the most of our new website

26 February 2014

Making a Photo Book

26 March 2014

FREE Desktop Publishing

22 October 2014

Everyone can Email

26 November 2014

Cards and Calendars

28 January 2015

Scan, improve and manage photos

25 February 2015

What did the Internet ever do for me?

25 March 2015

Preserving Memories

28 October 2015

Windows 10

25 November 2015

On-line Banking and Digital Money

27 January 2016

Basic Video Editing

24 February 2016

Calendars, Diarys and Blogs

23 November 2016

Smartphones and Tablet

Smartphones and Tablets 23-11-16.pdf

25 January 2017

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote 2016:

Quick Start Guide PDF

Tips and Tricks PDF

One Note Presentation 25-01-2017.pdf

22 February 2017

Writing and Publishing

Writing and Publishing 22-02-17.pdf

22 March 2017

Photos - storing, finding, viewing and editing


Our Digital World

Has Ended

Microsoft  PowerPoint - Viewer FREE Microsoft Office Compatability Pack FREE Microsoft Excel - Viewer FREE Adobe PDF Reader - FREE Adobe Flash Player - FREE

Our Digital World [Group ended]

Open meeting - Everyone was welcome

Some of us learned to enjoy and exploit the benefits of our digital world but many of us didn’t grow up in one. Some of us remained baffled, frustrated and even angered by new technology

We usually met in the Large Upstairs room at Oakwood Church from 19.30 to 21.00 on the fourth Wednesday of each month from October until March

Meetings often took the form of a talk or live demonstration, followed by a Q&A session

People of all ages attended, bring their questions and concerns, and suggest future topics. We simply tried to help one another:

Refreshments were provided free by group members but we asked for a donation of £1 towards room costs

Apache Open Office - FREE Microsoft Word - Viewer FREE

A fuller description of each meeting is published below with PowerPoints downloadable as PDFs


David Donaldson



Office 2016 Quick Starts Guide and Help Java FREE Microsoft OneNote - FREE Versions