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Saturday 13 May 2017

The Community Team at Oakwood Church organised this light-hearted community entertainment for all ages on Oakwood Day, with an all-day Café, Art Group Exhibition and more. Doors opened at 9.00 a.m.

Unlike most photographic competitions the Oakwood Church Photo Competition was a low cost, light-hearted community entertainment suitable for all amateurs, from toddlers to centenarians. There were three age Classes and you could enter in up to five subject Categories

To capture images Competitors could use cameras, smartphones, tablets, even webcams or scanners. It was the image’s relevance to the subject Category and the impression it makes on the Judges when displayed on their computer screen that mattered, not the Competitors equipment or technical ability

Some persuaded family and friends to join them on the morning of Oakwood Day and enjoyed taking part together. Others liked to go out and about alone or simply captured images around their homes

All images had to be captured between 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. on Saturday 13 May within five miles of Oakwood Church. No post-capture editing was permitted. Before capturing images every Competitor had to be in possession of their ‘Entry acceptance and confirmation of fees paid' issued by the Organiser

Competitors had to submit images before 1.00 pm for judging. They either attended in person at Oakwood Church for their digital files to be copied or sent them by email to photocomp@oakwoodchurch.info

The Award Ceremony – Certificates, prizes and voting for Best in Show – started at 4.00 p.m. in Oakwood Church, where was to be found our all-day Café, Art Group Exhibition, and more… not to mention all the other Oakwood Day attractions nearby from 12 noon until 7 p.m. So why not make a day of it?

A surplus of £102 from Cafe takings and at least £90 from Art sales went to support the work of Oakwood Church ‘at the heart of our local community’

Photo Competition


David Donaldson



Download the Poster PDF .pdf

Download these Rules PDF.pdf

Images submitted

Had to be captured by the Competitor, on Saturday 13 May 2017, between 09.30 and 12.30, within 5 miles of Oakwood Church


Entry Fees to be paid before images were captured

Under 11 years = 50p per Category

From 11 to 17 years = £1 per Category

Over 18 years = £2 per Category

Winner of each Category in each Class

Under 11 years = A physical prize

From 11 to 17 years = £5 Cash

Over 18 = £10 Cash

Best in Show = £15 Cash

Class - Under 11 years
Competitor's Name

You could download a printable

 Application for Entry form here

as a PDF.pdf or WORD.doc file

but we preferred you to complete an

Class - 11 to 17 years
Competitor's name
Class - 18 years and over
Competitor's name
Online Application for entry

The Photo Competition has finished

Our thanks to everyone who Competed, supported, or simply came along to

view the Art Exhibition

and enjoy refreshment at the Cafe