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Sharon Donaldson

Sharon Donaldson

Church and Local History (website pages)

Charity Team, Member

I was born in 1955 at a small railway-crossing cottage beside the River Derwent, near the small village of Seaton outside Workington, Cumberland


As a family we moved to Redcar due to my father’s work. We even became ‘Ten Pound Poms’ and before moving to Oakwood I never really managed to put roots down for more than a few years at a time

I have a sister and a brother who both have families and grandchildren

Both my parents died much too young, in their fifties. This has encouraged me to live life to the full and given me a zest for adventure e.g. spending six months driving right around and across Australia; and a four week adventure visiting five countries in southern Africa

I moved to Leeds many years ago with my husband David and we brought up our family of four near Oakwood. We now have ten grand children and I like to think we are a close, supportive, family

In the 1980s I qualified as a Nursery Nurse, helped with a toddler group and worked with a local Child-minder

I join in our local Art, Scottish Dancing, Walking and Ladies Evening Club groups at Oakwood Church, where I made many special friends who have made me feel good to be alive and to live here. I also help out with catering various charity and social events

I have always been interested in people and events around me, history, geography, the world near and far

In late 2008 I bought my own laptop and started to learn how to use it. My interests progressed from researching our family history, to Oakwood History and starting to uncover the past of Roundhay Methodist Church and Roundhay St John

Starting the Nostalgia Spoken History group early in October 2013 gave me a chance to become more involved with local people, hearing their memories and how life has changed. This led me to become involved with the Oakwood Clock restoration Time Will Tell spoken history project, which has meant learning to interview people of all ages and record their memories of life around Oakwood. Nostalgia ended in 2017

Writing for the History pages on the Oakwood Church web site has been very rewarding. I am not a professional historical researcher, far from it, but it is a huge interest I have in me, so I try to learn and do the best I can

I have been very fortunate to have had the support of Oakwood Church, many other kind local people who are interested in revealing the history of Oakwood, and family and friends who have helped me write some of what you can read on these pages. I have gained confidence and grown as a person because of them

I hope, with the support of those around me, to continue to give a bit back to my community which I feel such a part of, and to continue having fun doing so

Sharon Donaldson

Last Updated 20 February 2020