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By 1843 a twice daily horse-drawn omnibus service was being

operated between the toll bar at Roundhay (by Wetherby Road

junction with Elmete Lane) and The Black Bull at Leeds. In 1872 when Roundhay Park opened 100,000 people attended. Most of them would have had to walk miles from Leeds or ride unregulated waggonettes

By 1880 a more frequent horse drawn omnibus service was operating to the impressive new Roundhay Park entrance Lodge by the new road called Princes Avenue which had opened in 1878

In 1889 Leeds Corporation built a tram track from Sheepscar to

Oakwood. To return, the original steam-hauled tram route circled around the present site of Oakwood Clock. The trams were electrified in 1891 and by July 1897 the track was extended along the west side of Princes Avenue to a Terminus near Canal Gardens. Trams travelled between what are now avenues of trees

From 1913 to 1958 Oakwood Clock served as a tram shelter. It

remains a meeting point and resting place for residents and visitors

Tram rides might be for work, pleasure or to unplanned adventure



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Oakwood Church Leeds


Marshall Capel “I can remember the runaway careered down Roundhay Road...left the tracks, and ran onto the main road. I can remember the white marks from the wheels that were left there for years afterwards. I remember them towing the tram back onto the rails to remove it...they were rockety – click, click, bang, bang.”

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