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This Oakwood Church Leeds website was conceived and specified by a dedicated team of church volunteers. It was designed and developed by David Donaldson and is now maintained by Website Editors David Donaldson and James Sheasby Thomas

Contributions, ideas and comments are welcome. If you see anything that is mistaken, missing, or simply out of date, please let us know immediately. Thank you


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Some features of our website, such as photo galleries, rely on Java which is present on most devices

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We create www.oakwoodchurch.info using Serif WebPlus X8 which generates HTML5 that doesn’t rely on the presence of Adobe Flash Player, but some features of our website may

Adobe Flash Player is often present on Microsoft Windows PCs. If features of our website don’t appear to be displaying and Adobe Flash Player isn’t present on your PC you may find links to download and install the software you need on Our Digital World group page

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Several of our pages use Document frames that display Simplebooklets

This allows responsible people, both adults and supervised children, to update fast changing information - for instance our  Calendar, What’s On, Magazine, Churches Together, and some of our Young People’s pages, without needing to know anything at all about website development or maintenance. They have only to maintain the Simplebooklet that appears in a frame on their page

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All the content of this website should be considered copyright. If you wish to acquire copies to use for your own purposes please email your request to website@oakwoodchurch.info. We will forward your request to the copyright holder(s) and, if they agree, will arrange for e.g. the original image files to be dispatched to you by email - along with notes of any usage restrictions the copyright holder(s) may choose to impose


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